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Welcome to the Project-X Kaon Physics Site.

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This site is a repository of Project-X kaon materials, news and events.

 Matter and AntiMatter by Sid Harris                                                                                                                 Second Workshop on Project-X Physics

     KAON Session-I Agenda January 25th 10:30-12:30 CST  EsNet AdHoc Connection: 885838

1)  Theory Update A. Kronfeld (15+5)min

2)  New Limit on KL->pi0nunubar from KEK-391.  Implications for the future  G. Perdue (25+10)min

3) Update on the Project-X K+ ->pi+nunubar experiment  D. Bryman (15+10)min.

4) Update on the Project-X KL ->pi0nunubar experiment  L. Littenberg (15+10)min.

5) Parametric analysis of how detector resolution functions affect sensitivity of the neutral experiment TBD (10+5)min.

*** LUNCH 12:30 - 13:50 ***   Session II Starts at 14:00:

6) in-vacuo tracking technologies  H. Nguyen (10+10)min.

7) Can a common target serve two experiments?  R. Coleman (10+10)min. 

8) Update on kaon yield estimates S. Striganov (10+10)min. 

9) Discussion of Golden Book text and P5 All, 30 min. 


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